Saturday, October 18

Sk8tique, where skating and fashion collide

Ok, so last night the collision took place. Held at Little 5 points(Atlanta) -the home of vintage boutiques, pop culture was at an all time high...& at it's best! Celeb guest included Neyo, Chingy, E-40, and Terrence from 106 & park who slid thru to be apart of the grand opening and show support to Sk8tique, made up of producer Don Cannon and pro skater Stevie Williams. Sk8tique, to sum it up, is like a trendy hip-hop boutique where you can purchase the illest one-of-a-kind skateboard, music and street couture clothing....& actually feel like your apart of the hip-hop lifestyle culture. The vibe in the venue was really exciting...there were fashionable mofo's everwhere, skateboards planted on the walls, a skating ramp in the back, & a video game lounge decked out in the midway. It was a dope look, it really was! The Cool Kids & Asher Roth both performed and put on a good show. You had to be there, the Cool Kids were fucking great! They gave you a true hip hop performance....and when the mic went out, they gave you an old school hip hop cypher with Asher Roth, which I loved! I just learned about Asher Roth....and I gotta tell ya, I fucks with this white boy! Yes, he's a white rapper...if you don't know about him, Google him! Anyway, Atlanta's elite list were on hand to celebrate last night & we have the pictures!