Friday, October 17

Cadillac Records To Hit Theaters Dec. 5th

Mark Your Calendars! "Cadillac Records" release date is December 5th! You know the movie where Beyonce plays the role of Etta James! Yea, that movie...If your not totally convinced by Beyonce play this role, look what her co-star in the movie, Cedric the Entertainer, had to say:

“She did an amazing job in this,” insisted her co-star Cedric the Entertainer, cast as blues musician/songwriter/record producer Willie Dixon in the film about the influential American label Chess Records, which launched the careers of everyone from Howlin’ Wolf to Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and James. “I was there the days that she was shooting,” Cedric said of Beyonce. “I wasn’t in any scenes with her, but she brought a real sweetness to it, a realness to the character. It’s something unique, a little different than what you’ve seen before.” Photos from the set reveal a blonde-haired, bee-hived Beyonce seemingly dedicated to a full-on transformation.The singer has often cited her admiration for Etta James, a blues and R&B singer who was topping the charts and battling a heroin addiction by age 21, and found a heartfelt collaborator in label founder Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody in the film).“I mean, Beyonce’s just dope anyway, but you’ll be surprised by the little subtleties she’s brought to this character to make it pop,” Cedric insisted. “Plus, it’s a period piece, so it feels a little bit back in time. She was able to be amazing in this character, with this subtle love affair with the Adrien Brody character.”).“On top of that, Beyonce will also record a new take on the seemingly ageless wedding wonder. “‘At Last’ is the big one,” Cedric grinned, looking forward to a soundtrack that will reportedly contain four new tracks by Mrs. Jay-Z, including a cover of James’ signature tune. “I love that one right there. That song’s dope. She’s a bad lady.”

I love Etta James, so of course I want to see how Bey works this role. I think she will nail it...Atlease I hope. But nevertheless, Im eager to see the movie as a whole.