Friday, October 17

New Music: Kanye -“Heartless” &“Coldest Winter”

You gotta Love what Kanye does...Hate it or love Ye' is definitely one of those artist who successfully thinks outside the box...And is great at it! Off Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreak disc, due out November 25th, here are 2 great tracks “Heartless” &“Coldest Winter” both produced by Kanye & No I.D....These tracks are so dark, emotional and heartfelt. I love this shit!


“Coldest Winter”

The “Coldest Winter” is said to be directed towards his mother. This is the first time he has spoke openly about the passing of his mother. The song title makes great sense, the fact that his mom died just before winter 07' makes the literal meaning of "Coldest Winter" more intense.
Tho this song is about his mother, Kanye says he didn't want to keep it at that, he wanted other people to be able to relate to this song as well. He said this song could be about anyone! I'm anxious to see what Kayne's album cover is going to look like...I mean, he's at a different place in his life now...He's Quote/Unquote GRADUATED & his mother passed just to name a few life changes. Surprise me Ye'...I have a feeling the artwork will be simply, just Intense! It's gotta match the content he has been delivering from this LP.