Monday, October 13

NEW Man Law: 5 Things You Should Never Text/Email to Another Dude

Aight, this has been buggin me for loooong time...every now and then i get a text or an email that has symbols or has been worded in a way that doesn't sit well with I have compiled a list of 5 things a man should never text/email to another dude...This might rub some people the wrong way but it's nothing personal just a pet peeve, so lighten up and get a laugh out of it!!

5: TTYL (Talk To You Later)
-This is so damn girly!!...I think "Later" or "L8R" will do the job.

4: "Wutcha Doin'?"
-I bet not ever get a text from another nigga talkin' bout some damn "wutcha doin'?"

3: OMG (Oh My GOD//Oh My Gosh)
-Come on man this is some high school shyt a cheerleader might use please don't text OMG to another dude!!

2: k (as in O.k. or Okay)
-This one kills me I can't stand when a dude text me back "k" i just put da phone Bruh put da "O" on there it's just one more letter and your in the clear. ((Even though this is one I get the most it still doesn't beat #1))

1: Texting/Emailing Faces
(Example)= :) or =] (Smiley Faces) ;) (Wink) :/ (Frown) =^.^=(Cat/Kitten)- I'm sorry this has got to be THE worst violation of them if I EVER get any of these faces sent to me my response will be WTF?!...iKidduNot!!

Let us know if you think of any I may have forgotten. And for the record I've only been a victim of #1(it wasn't a smiley face it was a frown but i STILL didn't like and #2(Just seems like something they picked up from a girl)

The Virgo signing off...