Thursday, October 9

iKidduNot 'comment section' -new

At this time I want to take some time out ad show the shared love back to all of our loyal visitors who comment and post on our site daily. I receive tons of email in my inbox everyday, some congratulating us on the site, and others about tips to improve KidduNot and make it more homey...And let me tell you, I appreciate all of it and I take into consideration all the thoughts & ideas that fill my inbox...each week I call a townhall meeting with the members of KidduNot and we throw all the ideas on the round table. With the bit of information given, we've made a few changes! For starters, we found a new home for our 'comment' section. It's now provided by Haloscan. I think with this new venture, the comment section is more personable to our posters and readers alike! You now have the option to trackback, link your 'homepage' to your comments, and post freely without the hassle which many of you said you were getting prior. Be apart of the KidduNot movement, keep commenting and continue voicing your opinions! Your opinions will be heard, all we ask is that you post using any name other than anonymous! Let us get familiar with our readers...And as we grow, you will learn about us a little bit more as well. Remember, without you there will be no us...iKidduNot!

Thanks for the continued love & support! Now lets make this our home & start commenting! Test it out and tell us all about it!

Let's start off wit a role call! I'll start off first...