Saturday, September 27

Still No Clear Winner

If you caught the first round of presidential debates last night, you were definitely in for a treat! Both candidates did an excellent job! Here is a rundown of how they handled themselves (from the perspective of WillyTee):

Composure: McCain at times appeared like an old professor condescendingly educating a young student. He often chuckled at Obama when he made a point with which McCain did not agree.

Elloquence: Obama did stutter a lot, but it didn't make him look less than genuine: people recognize that Obama is not the best debater. I also noticed that Obama called McCain by his first name several times, yet McCain never called his opponent by his first name.

GREAT-Grandaddy Moments: When the subject of foreign policy came up, McCain did EXACTLY was he was NOT supposed to do... he mispronounced the names of several Middle Eastern leaders. McCain f***ed up the name of the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the name of Pakistan’s newly inaugurated president, calling him “Qadari.” His name is actually Asif Ali Zardari.

Now I can't pronounce those names either... but you don't see my ass runnin for president!!! LOL

Foreign policy: The planned topic of this debate was foreign policy. Needless to say, McCain came into the debate as the front runner on this issue. All Obama had to do was keep up with McCain. Surprisingly, Obama did just that! At one point McCain shared a story of New Hampshire woman who presented him with a bracelet of her 22-year-old son who was killed in combat. She asked him to keep alive the mission so his death was not in vain. Obama came right back and said "I've got a bracelet too!" He told the story of a Wisconsin woman who presented him with a token from her son who was killed in the war. She asked Mr. Obama to end the war so other mothers do not share her anguish.

Economy: Neither of the candidates expressed any serious changes that would be made to their agendas in lieu of last week's economic crises. Obama however has the advantage that McCain supported most of the poor decisions made by Busch's administration.

Gas Prices/Shortage in Atlanta:

Anyways... I think both of the candidates did a decent job. However, there were no moments that blew me out of the water. Obama did better than expected, but he still is by no means the undisputed champ.

Sidebar... Bump trying to keep Russia from goin to war with their neighbor Georgia!!! Worry about your neighbors in Atlanta, GEORGIA in the USA that ain't got no damn gas!!!