Thursday, August 28

This Is Our Demacrtic Ticket

It was all there tonight at the final day of the Democratic National Convention: ENTERTAINMENT, Democrats, RepubliCRATS (yea, I know yall were there too). Those are Newly CONVERTED Democrats in case you don't know. But anyway, Jennifer Hudson set it off tonight. Her voice was strong but absolutely flawless as she sung The Nation Anthem. Yes, Punch jenny Punch!!(video below)

Tonight I felt the unity of the democratic party like never before. Actually, I felt like I was at a R&B concert LOL. John Legend came out in a sick white & black number with a scarf (you know I love my scarfs). Joined by Will.i.Am, they Covered Barack's "Yes WE Can" speech and transformed it into a song!! It was sick. I need a MP3 of that sent to my email( Even Stevie Wonder & Sheryl Crow came out and did their thang.

There was also a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Bernice King gave a speech about her courageous father, as well as King's son, MLK The 3rd. Tonight Obama's acceptance speech fell on the 45th ann. of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" Speech. What better timing right!?! Things were becoming full circle as the night went on. I felt apart of history when U.S. Sen. Barack Obama MADE history and accepted the Democratic Party nomination for president. His acceptance speech was phenomenal. I felt like a believer after hearing that. I don't know about ya'll, but Im ready to embrace Barack. I was convinced I want him in the White House! He is our President plain & simple. It's stated that 24% of the delegates make up the "young vote".....We need to strengthen that percentage & make a difference. We have to get out there and vote, real talk! Yes, it was a historical moment tonight & I was glad to be apart of history, but I'm not voting that. I'm voting my values!!! Obama Ya'll!