Thursday, August 28

Eve’s First Fetish Clothing-line Promo Pics

I am looking at the bag in the corner. I personally don’t know much people who wear fetish but I have always liked her style. Let’s see how she does this time around.

Eve first launched her clothing line “Fetish” during the height of her career in 2003with a junior’s and women’s line featuring her trademark “paws.” After a couple of years, Eve shut down “Fetish” because of a lack of direction to take the brand. Fast forward to 2008 and Eve’s “Fetish” is now officially relaunched through partners Dr. Jays and Signature Apparel clothing line. Here is the first promo image of Eve for the relaunched “Fetish.” The clothing line is now available for sale at Dr. Jays. Make sure to check out the site for more details. Story from (

Farah Allen