Wednesday, August 27

Anybody Want A Protein Shake?

Just when you thought Lil' Cease was done workin you out, he's back with another video....This time it's all about PROTEIN! In this Video, Cease captures how to maximize on your fitness with meal replacements. While this video's focus is about the protein put into his favorite health shake, Cease also elaborates on "eating in moderation". I think we all will find this video useful in a number of ways LOL. Check out the video, get the protein shake of your choice and amplify it the "Cease-O-Leo" way. Cease uses 7-8 ice cubes, a half of banana (chopped), strawberries (chopped), peanut butter & soy milk. But of course, if you don't like the ingredients Cease worked into this shake, find the fruit(s) that work well with your taste buds. But for the record, Im about to make me one the "Cease-O-Leo" way minus the soy milk. So go ahead & take notes as Cease Puts on!.....Oh, & don't forget the measuring cup!

"You sure you just dont want a Coke?....I gotta get the peanut butter out, put some strawberries all up in it.....I don't even know how to use that blender....they gonna be pressing all these crazy buttons.. No, you can have a Coke" -Bon Qui Qui MADtv


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OMG, Where is my SHOUT OUT!?!....I want one in the next video, lol!!