Tuesday, June 10

Carter 3

By Far, Lil' Wayne Is The Most Consistant Rapper Of Our Time. Making Him In My Opinion, One Of The Best!! He Has Come A LONGGGG Way From When I First Took Notice Of Him In 97...His Growth Ova The Years Is What Made Me Focus In On "Mr. Make-It-Rain" More & More. I Knew He Was Not Playin! From Mixtape To Mixtape...He Was Moving Up To The GODS, Slowly But Surely. One Thing That Bothered Me About Wayne Tho, Was How He Was So Aggressive Of A MIXTAPE , But Showed Lack There Of, On His Album...Wasn't To Comfortable With That! But I Feel Different This Time Around. I LOVE THE CARTER 3!!!! With A List Of Artist (BETTY WRIGHT,Jay-Z,Fabolous,Busta Rhymes,Babyface,T-pain) Who Compliment Him, This Album Is Just As Good As A "Lil Wayne Mixtape". This Well-Put-Together Album Is Everything You Asked For Christmas & Didnt Get!! Go Cop Dat...Tracks To Look Out For: "MR. CARTER", "Playing With Fire", "A Milli" "DR.CARTER", "Comfortable", "LA LA",

He Aint Kinda Hot, He's Sun'na!!