Wednesday, December 9

Why Wednesday:

. Why do we hope that you like our new layout for the site :) ?
2. Why are we all kinda excited to welcome J.Hud back on her "I'll Be Home for Christmas" special airing December 14th, @ 8pm on ABC?
3. Why is Nicki Minaj quickly becoming the most sought after female rapper since Lil Kim?
4. Why is Eminem being crowned the highest selling artist of this decade? Did we miss something??
5. Why do we like Sade's new song, but we really wanna love it? Hopefully it grows on us!
6. Why were we so disappointed that two world class artists like Alicia & Beyonce, would deliver a collaboration with such minimal substance?
7. Why are hoping that the allegations against Pleasure P are completely false for everyone's sake?
8. Why are Tiger Woods' jump offs still coming out the wood works?? Seriously we're up to #12! -Guess he get's his black card back, cause this (unfortunately) is some super n**** s***!
9. Why do we hope people can finally put the past to rest and focus on this dope album that Chris Brown delivered?
10. Why does it seem like Rihanna was so disappointed in her 1st week sales, that it drove her to run out & get a tattoo about it? Seriously Ma, just sign up for twitter...