Wednesday, December 2

Why Wednesday:

1. Why were the Soul Train Awards, yet another waste of time brought to us exclusively by BET?
2. Why are we so disappointed in Tiger Woods for being so careless? U know they couldn't wait to find another prominent black person to prove their stereotypes right. If we find out Serena's creeping w/ married white dudes we quit!!
3. Why does it feel so impossible to separate and let go of something or someone that's dear to your heart, even when you know you should?
4. Why do we feel like we've reached our max on any more celebrity alter ego photos?
5. Why are we kinda convinced that Terrance Howard & Taraji are gettin it in on the low?
6. Why do we think someone should tell D. Woods that making debut music videos of you in the club is NOT innovative?
7. Why do Thanksgiving leftovers taste so much better the longer they stay in the fridge?
8. Speaking of, why do we need to all join the nearest gym for 1 month, to work off all the pounds we gained in 1 weekend?
9. Why is everyone so gotdamn fertile in Keyshia Cole's family?? (Congratulations btw, lol)
10. Why did we just hear the sounds of a whole department being fired at DefJam after their mealticket (Rihanna) only sold 181k copies in her first week coming in at #5? ouch,