Monday, December 28

Ray Allen's #DM Fail.


We seen O do it, we seen Bow Wow do it-- now Ray Allen came through, caught lighter fluid. Ray Allen, the shooting guard for the NBA's Boston Celtics, made an embarrassing slip of the tweet recently that had everyone talking.


The nine-time NBA All-Star, who is also married, was (sexing + twitting =) twexing, and rather than delivering it in a direct, private message with his jumpoff, Allen accidentally made it public. #DM Fail.

Whats even worse for Allen, the Huffington Post picked up the error and dressed it up as a 'Dirty Tweet Alarms Followers' story for the world to see. Though the tweet was sent from the Twitter client, Echofon--an iPhone app-- in which Allen uses, he denies responsibility and claims his account was hacked into.


What a coincidence that he tweeted 14 minutes later using Echofon from his new Twitter acct @greenrayn20--LOL But I'm not the one to gossip, and you ain't heard nothin' from me. You be the judge!