Wednesday, November 11

Why Wednesdays:

1. Why is Gucci Mane showing up on everyone's tracks these days, is he becoming a commodity?
2. Why does 50's "Baby By Me" get stuck your head to the point where you sometimes just randomly blurt out "Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire" !?
3. Why are not sure if we're feeling Alicia Keys this time around?
4. Why is it so imperative that you go get the new Melanie Fiona album "The Bridge"? (Cause she's the TRUTH, that's why)
5. Why is Chris Brown's "Transform Ya" FINALLY starting to grow on us?
6. Why can we listen to Mary's unreleased track "Sky Cap" on repeat for like an hour?
7. Why was Katt Williams lookin like Al Sharpton's illegitimate love child in those mug shot photos?
8. Why are we so disappointed to hear that Toni Braxton & her husband Keri Lewis are separating?
9. Why the hell did Sammy Sosa think no one would notice that he's now an albino? GTFOH!
10. Why would we not be completely surprised if the rumors about Beyonce & her bodyguard Julius turned out to be true?