Wednesday, November 4

Why Wednesday:

1. Why do we still feel a little proud, remembering that we've had a black president in office for a whole year today?

2. Why is Foxy still taking jabs at Lil Kim after all these years? on Boss' new record "Off The Muscle," Foxy states "Motherfu**ers will never see me dancing with the stars"....You're probably right Foxy, you can't even get an appearance on the BET, so we highly doubt ABC would want to feature you. POW!

3. Why did Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole's Mother) have us dying with her appearance on "Judge Mathis" this week? As we're sure you can imagine, she was in rear "who gon check me, boo?!" form forcing Judge Mathis to tell her to tone done all that 'slick talk'. lol

4. Why is Chris Brown slated to appear on the cover of VIBE's Relaunch Issue? Should they have chosen someone else?

5. Speaking of, Why are Chris Brown & Rihanna both returning to the music scene, releasing singles & dropping album covers within weeks of eachother? Do we smell a cross marketing setup?

6. Why did Jay-Z have Charlemagne the God fired from his radio show? He was ONLY doing his job by asking Beanie Sigel questions pertaining to Jay!

7. Meanwhile, Why is 50Cent randomly getting in between the Jay/Beans beef? Doesn't he have a career to reconstruct?

8. Back to CB, why won't you all let him & his "skinny" jean swag be great??

9. And if we must, Why wouldn't some of us have minded waiting a little longer for a better video (and maybe even song) via Rihanna's "Wait Your Turn" vid that premiered online this week? Maybe "Hard" woulda been a better choice?

10. Why was it great, yet so random to see Kelly Rowland as the lead in 50's "Baby By Me" video?

11. Why do we know that even though you're frontin like you're over it, you've already made a mental note to watch Beyonce on ABC Thanksgiving night?

12. Why were we happy for that extra hour to party on Saturday night, but are secretly in no mood for it to be dark by like 5 PM? #MissingDayLightSavingsTimeAlready