Thursday, November 5

Throwback Thursday: Girl Power

Remember when girls use to rule the world??? In the late 1990's, the females took the industry by storm. Although many consider "girl power" to be just another marketing technique, the idea was a cultural phenomenon. Let's be honest... Females are often more concerned with pushing each other down than lifting each other up. The Spice Girls managed to lift each other up, and sell millions and millions of records in the process.

Secretly, I use to love that song... But that's neither here nor there. In my opinion, songs like "No Scrubs," "Bills Bills Bills," and "Independent Women" owe a lot of their success to tracks like this... Every chick in the game had a song about dissing whack dudes without a decent job, car, condo, etc. Now, the closest thing females have to empowerment is B'Day.