Monday, November 30

Motivational Monday:

"It takes a long time to grow an old friend."
John Leonard

We live in a world of
right now, where people unfortunately
don't take the time to cultivate, learn and grow in things like they used to. The easiest thing to do these days is to quit something and move on to the next, hence the world's growing divorce rate. Friendships (which secretly are relationships) take just as much maintenance as anything else we deem valuable and take care of in our lives.

secret is, being wise enough to choose to keep people in your life that actually care about you and you for them. Life is simply too short to be putting our essentially valuable time, love, care and energy into people who at the end of the day, have no concern with our greater good. Associates can be a great asset, but there's nothing like having people in your corner who have your back no matter what, and there's no greater feeling than being able to reciprocate that energy back into a friendship that you can count on, grow in & value hopefully for a lifetime.

Keeping in this season of thankfulness, who are the people in your life that come to mind when you think of a
true friend? Whether they're old or new, have you told them how much you appreciate them lately? Don't let moments to honestly let people know how you feel about them pass you by, we only get 1 "today", live in it!