Monday, November 9

Motivational Monday: Push!


We all have different walks of life, but ultimately we eventually want to end up in the same place, right? -- Success?!?! There are a few things in the world that are more powerful than a positive push...And it starts at home. Not your house, but the mind. We live in a world filled with optimism and hope--a little "you can do it" nudge from our peers when things get tough is cool...but when push comes to shove, remember the motivation has to start with self! We have to push ourselves from the jump in order to gain the success were looking for!

For me, I don't like feeling pressure from outside sources. I'd rather put the pressure on myself and push myself to do as good as I can. We all have to learn, and be willing, to push ourselves. That's the key! Though it's good to get outside motivation, we can't continuously rely on others to do the work for us. If your in a slump, it's time to get out of that and remember to push yourself to greater limits!