Tuesday, November 3



I decided to play dress up this past weekend for Halloween. I usually don't do this stuff, but I somehow randomly got inspired. My costume? It was a hard fight between Prince and The Joker (Dark Knight version), but after calculating my funds I ended up siding with The Joker costume, which get this....ONLY cost me a little under $4.99!!! Talk about a recession costume!


First I hit up Broke & Boujee's Halloween costume party, then I hit up Necole Bitchie (of Necolebitchie.com), who dressed as a Sexy French Maid, and we headed to JD's Halloween party before getting turned around at the door. The Po-Po's shut the party down due to JD not having a LEGAL PERMIT! #Fail....Overall, I had a great night tho!! Check out MORE flicks here!