Thursday, November 12

Has Omarion Turned His Back On Bisexual Women?


Former B2K front man Omarion is singing a different tune these days. The 24-year-old recently threw a sexually jab at Kanye West’s openly bisexual girlfriend, Amber Rose. O insist that he’d never date a woman who plays on both sides of the field because they lack an extreme amount of “class.” I'm sure this is going to bring Kanye out of the wood-works somehow!

Sister 2 Sister Magazine ask Omarion about his rumored marriage to a bisexual stripper, which he denies, claiming that bisexuals dont have enough class for him.

“No disrespect, but no Amber Rose for me. Everybody has their past – and don’t get me wrong, I’m not judgemental at all – but I do like a certain amount of class. I’m not married.” - The R&B singer tells Sister 2 Sister Magazine

How do our readers feel about this? I want to hear from you guys...Do you think bisexual women lack some sort of class? or is Omarion just giving them a bad name?

Now mind you, Omarion just completed a song a few months back about "Bisexual" women. Click here to listen! He may be confused himself...#NoHomo