Friday, November 13

Flashback Friday

Flashback Joint: Snow - Informer
Flashback Date: September 1992

I remember this joint coming on The Box all the time...Remember that music channel?!?! You used to watch the channel all day and write down the numbers of the good videos and get excited when somebody ordered it?! Yea, you remember!....Those were the good ol' days--POW! 2 flashbacks in one day for that ass!

Anyway, "Informer" was released in 1992 by Canadian-reggae singer/rapper Snow, and featured an appearance by MC Shan. Though "Informer" was listed on VH1's "50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs... Ever," it's still one of my personal favorites! The record came from Snow's debut album 12 Inches of Snow, which I still play in heavy rotation til this day! #DontJudgeMe

Set back and get in!