Wednesday, October 21

Why Wednesdays:

1. Why is Rihanna & her marketing team at DefJam having the Best Week Ever?
2. Why did Balloon Boy's parents think that no one would ever find out about a scheme they had the whole world watching ?
3. Why is it that the smaller Mo'Nique shrinks, the louder she gets?
4. (speaking of food & late nights) Why is saying no to late night snacks the hardest thing to do?
5. Why are fake death reports about Kanye West circulating around the world online? We know he's not the easiest guy to love, but damn.
6. Why the hell are they deporting Shyne back to Belize? Why can't they just let him be great?
7. Why was Frederick Richardson (the man accused of murdering Kandi's A.J.) released from jail?
8. Why are we so over logging into twitter only to be greeted by the "twitter is over capacity" page? #getittogether
9. Why was Sunday my 1st and last time watching Family Guy spinoff "The Cleveland Show"? It was searing with blatant racial stereotypes and was like watching modern day black face.
10. Why does it seem like no one knew that Mario's new album 'D.N.A' dropped last Tuesday? #marketingfail
11. Why are we so proud of Melanie Fiona for debuting at #1 on iTunes R&B/Soul Charts :)