Wednesday, October 28

Why Wednesday

1. Why Did Monica's "Still Standing" feel like another season of Keyshia Cole's "The Way it Is" sans Frankie & Neffee?

2. Why did the most hated female rapper in the game lyrically destroy every male MC in the cypher during last nights BET Hip-Hop Awards?

3. Why is Jamie Foxx outing Plies as a "bonified Becky" during a run in with some real goons at a recent video shoot? Where's THIS beef coming from?

4. Why are we already dreading hearing Chris Brown's "I Can Transform Ya" in over-saturated rotation?

5. Speaking of... Why is Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" already the #1 song on growing nationwide pop radio?

6. Why can't we wait to go see Michael Jackson's "This Is It" which hits theaters today?

7. Why during an outing this week, did Beyonce & Jay Z spend $1200 on lunch? Word is that they left a $500 tip though. Cheers!!

8. Why was everyone kinda disappointed by the cover choice for Rihanna's "Rated R" album? Doesn't it just look like an outtake from her Italian Vogue spread from a couple months ago?

9. Why are we all just a little uneasy with this H1N1 Vaccine? Doesn't it seem like they don't have all the 'bugs' worked out just yet?

10. Why do we feel like we could've totally done without the new H-Town featuring Jodeci "Knocking Your Heels" record & video?