Thursday, October 22

Throwback Thursday: The Man Who Inspired Some of the World's Greatest Horror Franchises

Ed Gain, born Aug. 27. 1906, is one of our country's lesser known serial killers. This is probably because his crimes were committed decades before any of our parents were born. However, his contribution to society cannot be ignored.

As Halloween Approaches, how can we not discuss the inspiration behind some of my favorite horror franchises: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, & The Silence of the Lambs.

After his arrest for the murder of a young woman named Bernice Warden (who was found upside down and decapitated in his home), the following things were found in his possession:

* Four noses
* Bone fragments
* Nine death masks
* A bowl made from a skull
* Ten female heads with the tops sawed off
* Human skin covering several chair seats
* Pieces of salted genitalia in a box
* Skulls on his bedposts
* Organs in the refrigerator

Crazy as hell.

Gein eventually admitted under questioning that he dug up the graves of recently buried middle-aged women he thought resembled his mother, and took the bodies home, where he tanned their skin to make his possessions. Gein's practice of wearing tanned skins of women was described as an "insane transvestite ritual". Gein denied having sex with the bodies he exhumed, explaining, "They smelled too bad." During interrogation, Shortly after his mother's death, Gein had decided he wanted a sex change. Therefore, he created a "woman suit" so he could pretend to be a female. This woman suit was made from the skin of the dead women that he killed.

In case you didn't know, everytime that you have seen "based on a true story" at the end of any of the aforementioned movies, they are referring to this crazy s***.