Thursday, October 8

Throwback Thursday: the Andy Dick Show


The Andy Dick show was absolutely hilarious. MTV tried and tried again to get comedy right, but Andy Dick, Ben Stiller, and Tom Green were the only ones who could keep audiences tuned in for more than one season. I hate to speak of white comedy and Black comedy, because I love it all. However, Andy Dick was truly able to keep audiences of all races entertained. As much as I love Russell Brand (the host of the VMAs), I must admit that Black people really can't get his humor. The same goes for Sarah Silverman, Tom Green, Bam Margera, and all of the other wanna be comedians that MTV venerates.

The highlight of the Andy Dick show was Daphne Aguilera. Surprisingly enough, cigarettes, bad dancing, mediocre vocals, and raunchiness became staples of one pop star's career. I'm not going to name any names though. Britney Spears

"The concept of the video is Im so hot, everybody wants to screw me....thats pretty much it!" - Daphne Aguilera

Daphne Aguilera: Get Into It is supposedly under production.