Monday, October 5

Nivea's Baby Shower


It's a Boy--So I got an invite the other day from none other than Nivea to attend her baby shower. Overly excited, I rushed out to find the perfect gift for her soon-to-be newborn. Though there was no registry, I felt the need to bring something! After days of trying to figure out what to get her, I finally came to a decision. Without saying what it is, it's safe to say Nivea & I both were satisfied with her gift in the end.


The shower took place at Villa Christina on Sunday, Oct. 4th in Atlanta Ga. Nivea was showered with wonderful gifts from friends, family, as well as her Avalon Music Group family. During the shower, Niv's guests added some creativity to the baby shower by playing unique games. Guest had to unscramble & write down as many baby products as they could name (bottle, blanket, pacifier, etc) within 5 minutes. 'Musical bottle' was the most entertaining, where each participant took a bottle filled with juice, while Nieva's records were playing in the back, & who ever ended up with bottle once the music stopped had to drink the most in the allotted time. The last game played, lullaby Freestyle, was geared towards the fellas--where each participant had to sing a rock, pop, hip hop or country styled lullaby & revamp it to make it their own.

Here is a little video from Nivea's baby shower of her artist, Sir Will, rocking out a lullaby tune:

To check out more photos from the event CLICK HERE

Psalms 127:3 Children are an heritage of the LORD, the fruit of the womb is His reward.