Monday, October 5

I'm Having A Private Party.


Eye Candy -- Tahiry recently sat down with Complex Magazine to talk about her curves and break up with Joe Budden...

Complex: Some woman are just “busty”—you’re smaller on top, bigger on the bottom. I think that works in your favor…

Tahiry: The ratio. Of course! I mean, it’s a good thing. I don’t remember when butts came back, when all of a sudden having them became the style. J. Lo walked out in a dress and all of a sudden, “Oh shit, its fine to have curves!” I’ve always loved my curves. And the fact that everybody’s like, “Your butt!” I’m like, “No, it’s the waist,” you know the top is small. You put my ass on a bigger girl, it wouldn’t look as big. I thank God—and my mom—for my body [laughs].


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