Wednesday, October 7

Everytime I Meet A Black Republican, A Piece Of Me Dies: Sheila Jackson Edition

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Why? I guess it's because I actually like Black people. I definitely don't believe that all Republicans are racist. In fact, I grew up around a lot of white republican families, and I rarely encountered any overt racism from them. However, the reality is that Republican candidates very rarely have the Black agenda at heart.

"As we attempt to exceed the tax bracket typically ascribed to members of our race, let's not turn our back on the poor and socioeconomically oppressed individuals to whom we owe our success. "


PressPlay above to see a video of BET Co-Founder and CEO Sheila Jackson endorse Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate for Virginia State Governor. This candidate has publicly attacked working women (the root of the Black household), and supported tax breaks for the rich. Remarkably, she backs up her claim by mocking the speech impediment of his Democratic opponent, Creigh Deeds. According to Ms. Jackson, Creigh Deeds can't communicate what needs to be done because he STUTTERS. What the f*** does that have to do with the issues that affect our people??? Sheila, you're ignorant. Sit down somewhere and work on the BET Buffoonery Hip Hop Awards and season two of Frankie & Neffie. Politics is not your brand.