Friday, October 16

Beyonce + Lady Gaga = The Collab of Life

The Collaboration of Life will indeed occur. MTV has just confirmed that GaGa & Bey will star in the music video for Beyonce's "Video Phone," which was shot last Tuesday in Brooklyn by none other than Hype Williams.

So now you're probably wondering: "WillyTee! Will Beyonce just use Lady Gaga for a cameo or will Bey actually share the spotlight with Gaga? This is what MTV is saying:

Apparently, the video version of the song — which is from BeyoncĂ©'s 2008 I Am ... Sasha Fierce album — features B and Gaga trading up-tempo verses, and sees Gaga adding an extra verse to the tune. The clip also features "lots of choreography" and "more dancers than the two girls [BeyoncĂ© is] always with."
I can say with confidence that I never thought this would happen. It's been at least a decade since two super-powered female artists united for a duet. This isn't even on Brandy & Monica proportions. This more like when Aretha and Annie Lenox did "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves," but all in the name of sex, fame, and expensive-ass phones.

This is a pic smuggled from of Gaga on the actual video shoot.