Monday, September 21

PressPlay: V103 Performances Feat Trey Songz & Pleasure P.

PressPlay Trey Songz - "I Need a Girl"

I didn't know the girls were crazy over Pleasure P like that, I knew they had a lil something something for Trey Songz, but check out the pandemonium at this year's For Sisters Only event.

I also provided video of these chicks throwing down over a Trey Songz T-shirt, which he tossed into a crowd of screaming women.

Trey Songz - Performing "Successful" and "I Invented Sex"

Trey Songz- "Last Time"

Trey Songz - "I Gotta Go"

Trey Songz ripping his shirt off & chicks fighting over it

Pleasure P. Performing "Did You Wrong"

Pleasure P. Performing "Boyfriend #2"