Monday, September 7

Pray For Maia Campbell


I may be a little old on this one, because whenever I hear gossip, I always ignore it. A week or so ago, I heard a rumor that one of my former future wives, Maia Campbell (pictured in the center with her fellow cast members from In The House), had developed a horrible drug problem. Some people even called her a 'crackwhore' but I ignored it, because there really was no proof...

Well that was until I randomly came across this video on Let me disclaim: Proceed with caution, this is extremely disturbing.

What happened to this beautiful girl? Some say drugs, others say mental illness, and many say both. Personally, I'm totally floored. This girl used to have the most beautiful speaking voice, and now she sounds like a true crackhead. Although watching this was sad, I am happy that attention is finally being brought to an issue that this girl has been struggling with for what appears to be a very long time. If you're on twitter, click the title of this post to read about what tweeters have to say about Maia and her struggles. Apparently, people have been tweeting "#prayformaiacampbell" for a few days, and it's brought a lot of attention to her situation.

Now all that we can do is pray and think about the better days, like this: