Monday, September 14

On The Block [New York Edition]


I'm still in the mist of New York's Fashion Week, but recently I skipped the runway and hit the block, where I felt more at home. Home is not where you live, but where they understand you-- remember that. Walking near the corner of Canal & 5th me & J. Cherry, who came to the city to meet me, spotted this individual who stood out amongst the crowd--King, and I believe he knew exactly where we were coming from...Style recognize style! King's style was simple, oddly enough, it was a simple way of saying complicated things-- in a good way. Decked out in Marc Jacobs & doing the whole dull-chic look, with style of course, THIS is what we call art. Shoes provided by Ralph Lauren.


Fav.Accessory: My neckless ring! It's a neckless, but I wear it as a ring.

What do chicks dig about your style the most: That it's not tried.

Fav. Designer: Marc Jacobs!

Fav. Websites: Fashion sites, like Doir....