Friday, September 11

Melanie Fiona In SoHo Steve Madden


Last night, once I got in the big city --I'm in New York by the way-- I rushed off to caught up with my girl, Melanie Fiona. If your not familiar with her, get familiar! She is a vocal threat to the industry. Though she didn't perform, she took time out of her busy schedule to sign autographs for her fans at the SteveMadden store in SoHo for Fashion's night out. Mel is so damn down to earth, ya'll have NO idea. Oh yea, and we randomly have the same professional point n' shoot -- Canon G10. She has a public service announcement for ya'll -- No need for me to say a word, she got this! She holds me down & I hold her down...


PressPlay: Melanie, alongside myself, doing a drop for KidduNot & plugging her forthcoming album The Bridge