Monday, September 28

Image Is Everything.

PhotobucketPictured: Stefani Germanotta

Don't let brunette traces of Stefani Germanotta fool you--This girl, in her teens, is none other than the artist known today as Lady Gaga.

I must say the character she walks around in uniform today is definitely more everlasting & iconic, If I should say, than this Stefani character from her pass. Imagery will get you a long way in this a** music industry. Talent & vocal ability no longer cut it....Not saying that Lady Gaga doesn't have any vocals or talent, because she clearly does...I'm just sayin, sometimes its a full package. And Gaga definitely comes equipped with that!

Check out this video of "Stefani Germanott" performing with band, live at The Bitter End in Hollywood via 2006.

Lady Gaga claims she went from brunette to blonde after an interviewer confused her with Amy Winehouse.

“Amy is a badass, but I want to be known for my own look,” says Lady Gaga-- who took her name from the 1984 Queen hit "Radio Ga Ga."