Wednesday, September 2


How do you attempt to make the biggest COMBEACK of the year & miss all of your high notes? Well just ask Whitney Houston...more than likely she'll tell you it was Oprah's fault. She made her FIRST public performance in years yesterday in Central Park, and sounded horrible!

And just to think I was backing for her...That was until I heard this ish. Before I was like "Watch, she can do it" to a crowd of nay sayers...Then I watched this tragic video of Whitney, mind you, letting the crowd sing half the song on HER comeback...AMESS.COM. I had to eat up my words.

And to make matters worst, she blamed her cracked voice on a taping she did on Monday for The "Oprah" show. Nice Try Whitney, go head & blame Oprah...Ha!

I give up...I've tried and you lost it (Whitney).

If your ready to let her ring your ears, the full set airs this morning on ‘Good Morning America.’