Saturday, September 19

And The Show Must Go On!!!

I finally feel like the wounds are beginning to heal, and people are starting to forgive the passionate yet insane genius that is Kanye West.

With that being said, I am excited to announce that Fame Kills:Starring Kanye West and Lady Gaga will proceed as planned. Tickets will begin going on sale in some markets as early as September 25. In addition, if you pay $45 to join the "Fame Kills Tour Club", you can buy your tickets a few days earlier. From my experience, you generally do get the best seats if you do the fan club thing. However, the fact remains: why should anyone have to pay to be a fan?

Regardless, it won't be cheap for a decent seat:

$350 - Gold Circle VIP, $129.50, $89.50, $69.50 $39.50 (Prices include a $2.50 fee)

VIP also gets first dibs on tickets.

For a full list of Set Dates, check out this link or click the title of this post