Friday, August 28

This Could Be The Life That You Live...

PhotobucketSpotted: Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys in St. Tropez

"I built this house
With my own hands
And she just came
And burnt the plans
She found the safe
And cracked the code
She grabbed the goods
And hit the road"
-- Hellogoodbye

Legally Swizz is still married to Mashonda (R&B singer], but that didn't stop him from dining with Alicia Keys recently. The producer & his boo were spotted having what seemed to be intimate dinner for two in St. Tropez, France on Wednesday. While many folks are dying to call Miss Keys a homewrecker, I refuse to give comment because I'm pretty sure there are two sides to every story...well actually 3, but I don't have time to into all that.

I'll sit and to listen to your thoughts, or rants, about this situation tho...Please do tell!