Monday, August 10

Motivational Monday: Its OK To Quit!!


Quit: I Dare You!

1. Quit making excuses about why you are where you are or why you can't do what you want to do! GO DO IT!

2. Quit the job you hate! Start pursuing your passion. (However) Find the job that fuels your passion BEFORE you quit!

3. Quit trying to pull people on your journey who don't want to travel with you. Either they believe in you and value you...or they don't!

4. Quit settling and start making your dreams a reality!- Quit being afraid and START LIVING YOUR LIFE! CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT! If you want something different than what you have had in the must quit doing what you have done before and DO something different! .....START DOING something to create the experience you want!

The fact of the matter is, that for there to be new beginnings, somethings HAVE to end! Purge.