Monday, August 31

It's Here...


The Blueprint 3, the 11th studio album from Hip Hop legend Jay-Z, just leaked today. Although you won't get any d.l.s (download links) on KiDDuNot, with a good Google search, you could easily steal a copy of one of the most highly-anticipated albums of our generation.

Nobody is safe in 2009 from having their albums leaked. I use to think that things were hard for artists back in the day when everyone with a CD Burner would copy albums for their friends. As soon as one person bought the album, everyone on the Block had a copy. Now it's only gotten worse!!! No one even needs to buy the CD to burn it, and you get fresh music weeks before it hits the stores. But hey... I ain't complainin'.

Question of the moment: Should artists really trip about people bootlegging their music? One on hand, they barely make money off of album sales anyways, and even if they did, Jay-Z would definitely not need my couple of dollars. S***! I GOT LOANS TO PAY BACK!

On the other hand, it takes album sales to maintain a record contract. Of course Jay-Z doesn't have to worry about this, because he has his own empire, but a lot of artists will never get the chance to blow up because they get dropped after one flop album that everyone downloaded.

What's your take?