Wednesday, July 8

Why Wednesday


You know the drill...It's Hump day in the city and we have questions....Why?!?!

1. Why did every performer at the Michael Jackson memorial sing Mariah Carey under the rug--even Jermaine Jackson?

2. While I'm on the subject of Jermaine, why does he still have that slick-down Bejiing Sh*% in his head after all these years?

3. Why do people tend to get upset when they realize someone "un-followed" them on Twitter? I mean, your dumba** was probably uninteresting to begin with...think about it!

4. Why did Michael Jackson's memorial put Princess Diana's to shame?

5. Speaking of Michael Jackson's memorial, why didn't someone at BET think of this? What we saw yesterday is what you call a TRIBUTE! Debra, it's time you take that notepad out & take notes... in case something like this happens again--you'll be prepared!

6. In Miami, at D. Wood's birthday celebration, why did Wille of Day 26 sing "Knocks Me Off My Feet." Are they a couple now?

7. Why are Lil' Kim and Faith Evans still beefing over some dumb sh*%. Apparently the two got into a war of words at Diddy's annual White party over the weekend in L.A. Damn, please can we let bygones be bygones!!

8. Why is it that every time an artist leaves Bad Boy, they either go broke or go spiritual? First Ma$e, now Loon follows down the path of spiritual enlightenment, as he converts to Islam...We've figured this might just be something in the Bad Boy contract. I'm just sayin...

We've got questions & hopefully you have the answers to them...