Tuesday, July 14



I'm standing in line (yet again) waiting to purchase even more essentials, when I make the rare decision to thumb through a magazine to pass the time. I'm totally minding my business on my way to the featured MJ cover story, when suddenly I fall into a SERIOUS "what the ef?" moment trying to figure out why Terrell Owens (T.O.) is kneeling before me well... naked?! What is the meaning of this??! I feel like i've just been flashed (without my consent) and I'm secretly angry and kind of offended. Meanwhile.... the marketer in my head is sending mental shout outs to the promo folks at VH1 for successfully delivering a well intended shock value!!

Don't Stand too close! There's gonna be fainting white women in checkout lines everywhere!

The T.O Show premiers July 20th at 10PM of VH1. Will u be watching?