Tuesday, June 23

What's Love Got To Do With It?

And so goes the story of celebrity law. Money talks and, well you know the rest....

Everytime I even think of Chris Brown, I see that photo of a battered, bruised and bloody Rihanna in my head. And today I truly have to SMH at the legal system for letting him walk out of the LA County court house free as a bird. 5 minutes before Brown's preliminary case was to start, it was announced that a plea bargain had been struck. Though little Ike will serve no jail time, he's earned himself a 5 year probation that, if broken will land him in jail for 4 years yea right. Brown must also complete 1400 hours of community service, which he may be allowed to serve in his home state of Virginia.

All wasn't lost for Lil Miss Sunshine though, as a consolation prize, the judge also issued a protective stay-away order against Brown that prohibits him from coming within 50 yards of her unless they are required to be at the same event (in which case, he cannot come within 10 yards of her). He's also banned from having any phone or e-mail contact with her.

Lucky Girl. Atleast Tina got to whoop Ike's a** one good time in the back of that limo. eh well.