Wednesday, June 3

What & Why Wednesday

What do you do when your career's falling off??... Well you can either strip, take raunchy nudes, release a sex tape, or living-room grind... & when all else fails TWITTER!
Every week it seems to be another artist, with a new story. --All in the name of fame & relevancy.

Which brings us to our infamous list of questions, as to why celebs do the unthinkable...

1. So tell me again... Why Spectacular thinks his second grind video, in "black boxer-briefs" will redeem his image?

2. Someone please give me insight, as to Why Bow Wow is constantly trying to prove his man-hood?

3. I don't understand Why, but I think I'm the only one missing the Kanye & Amber romance?

4. Please tell me Why the hell Eminem would confirm that he wanted tea bagged, at the MTV Awards?

5. What in the hell has gotten into Halle Barry, giving Jamie Foxx the business on stage??

6. I wonder What Trey Songz, Bow Wow, Chris Brown... & the other men of r&b, thought of the challenge to bump & grind for "Sexy Spectac"...?

7. With all the Beef brewing between Mariah, Nick & Eminem... I wonder What the Cannon's thought of the whole 69 position?

8. What made Rhianna think she could expose all her goodies, & still feature on the cover of Vogue!?

9. Why can I foresee a quick divorce, to The Dream & Christina's sudden engagement?

10. After months of the whole 50 cent v.s. Rick Ross beef, What's happened to 50?...Has he finally been defeated??

Kiddunot is flooded with questions... Who's got answers??