Tuesday, June 16

War of My Life.

Artist:John Mayer
Song:Friends, Lovers or Nothing
Location:Los Angeles, CA - Hotel Cafe - June 14, 2009

While I have Dizzy's music all over my iPod, if you scroll down to the "J's" you'll stumble across a name like "John Mayer," and realize that I not only do I love Hip Hop, but I vibe on that acoustic rock/blues jawn too. I actually play JM more than I do a lot of artist on my playlist. He is the truth, by far one of my favorite artist--ever!

John Mayer can put me at a calm that I rarely get from any other artist on my playlist. I heart his artistry, and his albums alike. I continuously try to put my "hood" friends up on game, but, of course, they shut me completely out, and tell me I'm losing my "black card" lol. They ain't trying to hear that acoustic pop ish. 

Here, John performed a new live record, "Friends, Lovers or Nothing," from his upcoming project in L.A. And the record is so true, it speaks volumes....there's no in between. It's either your a friend, lover....or nothing at all! Think about it....