Monday, June 1

Someone Please Get Him A Record Deal...NOW!!


This is what we do! It's at the point where we either go hard or go home! We chose to going hard--there is no other option. So many great artist go unsigned, undiscovered without a trace. Philip Michael does not plan to be apart of that statistic. His story is going to read something different. Planning to leave his footprints in this game called R&B, P.M.T. performs his song "Undiscovered" exclusively for Forget that unsigned hype sh*%, P.M.T. is hungry for this.

Artist: Philip Michael
Location: In Between Hardwork & Success
Dir: KodakBoi

Perfecting his craft comes natural, winning ya'll hearts just comes with the territory--you can call that a stimulus package

We have a monster before us & I think I like it.

KodakBoi= Mr. Go Hard