Tuesday, June 2

Mattew Willamson - H&M spring/summer 2009 Collection


Matthew Williamson's 2009 spring/summer collection with H&M, simply leaves me at a loss for words! This collection pops, with a vibrant-retro colour pallet. Bursting with eye capturing aqua-blue's, fuchsia's, bright yellows... you name it, it's seen.

What draws me in, is that of which the range that's provided. From bright denim cut off shorts-- to the formal wear splashed with just enough color. Leaving you fashion forward in any setting.


While shopping in Soho, NY this past weekend... I recently fell pray to temptation, & fulfilled my cravings. Leaving the city, with at least a piece to cherish throughout my summer!

Here's my purchase... make sure you get yours!