Thursday, June 4

Imma Give You the Business...

"I think that if you don't have a great product, you can't succeed in any form of business. You can make some hype, and get people to notice it. But you can't get them to keep on coming back."

Diddy recently spoke with Forbes Magazine, & gave them an insight on branding... & how to succeed in the business.

This man is such an inspiration & motivator!... Releasing everything from "Ciroc Vodka",--to his "Making the Band" reality show, the Mogul without a doubt knows how to brand, & get people to buy what he's selling!

No matter how much we detest Diddy at times, we understand his need for perfection. He brings out the best in his artists, models & staff. Pushing them to exude greatness & succeed to become nothing less. Like Mike... he's someone everyone want to become.

"My brand is about celebration... it's about lifestyle, and it's just another part of my lifestyle. We're trying to make the clothes for you to get dressed to,-- to the fragrance after you get out of the shower.-- To music that you dance to, when you get to the club... and then you have a drink of the Vodka."

"I'm just an entertainer, and I like to entertain people. You know... provide different products for that lifestyle."- Diddy