Thursday, May 7

"Your Like Jordans On A Saturday"


Where all my sneaker heads who likes to throw on a good shoe?!?

The Jordan Brand will be releasing a limited pack of Air Jordan Vs on May 30. Dubbed the “Toro Bravos”, the kicks are inspired by the breed of bulls that take part in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Growing up I've never been a Jordan fan, I only loved the 4's...They're timeless! Retro Jordans are only released on Saturday mornings, so that meant standing in line to be the freshest kid in school come that Monday. If you're waiting at the back of the line, chances are you won't get a pair or they won't have your size by the time you reach the front--getting there early was key.

Tho I've only did it once, I'm considering waiting in line one more time after seeing these "Toro Bravos". These joints are solid!