Saturday, May 16

[Exclusive] T.I's Private "Going Away" Bash In Miami [Photos]

The Grand Hustle family threw a private “going away” party for T.I. Friday night in Miami. Of course, your right-hand man, Kodak Boi was there to cover it all.

The party was fly. Let me just give you a few visuals:

  • The party took place on Miami Beach's "Star Island", at what was rumored to be J.Lo's current estate--Star Island is a private island
  • The party was invite only--names were being checked as you entered...EXCLUSIVE!
  • Red carpet on deck
  • The Attire, an ALL WHITE Affair
  • Gorgeous female bartenders, provided free liquor all night--Big ups to the sexy Nuvo girls
  • Video game set up in the back yard, for all the gamers--Shout out to Konsole Kingz

Get into the photos, Click to enlarge

T.I. & Tiny Hitting The Carpet

T.I Stikes a pose for the papz
So Does Gyant & Myself

NUVOOO!!--These girls were a favortive!

T.I. Doing His Thang Again

Me & Jamie Foster-Brown (s2s)

Tyrese, T.I., & Tiny
Tiny & Kodak

Tiny & T.I tip Thru The Party

Tyrese & A Few Party Goers

Kodak & Kevin Liles--He is like a Big Deal!  

T.I & Tiny Partying The Night Away 

Scene At The Party

Atlanta's own, Frank Ski
Kodak & Killer Mike

You Already Know....

The red carpet was star studded including (hold your breath!) Kevin Liles, Jaime Foster Brown, Tyrese, Bow wow, Tiny, Toya (Lil' Waynes Babymama), Frank Ski, Big Kuntry, Killer Mike, comedian Duval, and so many others. There were so many big industry heads in attendance, it was really hard for me to keep up. 

Jamie Interviewing T.I.

Gyant Interviewing Kevin Liles

Toya (Wayne's Babymother), Jamie, and Tiny

I live blogged via Twitter while at T.I's party....I was definitely there to work-- I took pictures & captured it all on my Canon Hv30. My boy Gyant (, Interviewed Tiny and Toya about their upcoming reality show & asked the girls about Laura London being pregnant.

How many people can say they partied on Star Island at J.Lo's mansion?!? Im just saying....

Julia Beverly (Ozone Mag) & Kodak

With such a high celebrity turnout there was no doubt that the party would exceed my expectation.

T.I., who will be serving his federal prison sentence in connection to his October 2007 arrest for possession of firearms by a convicted felon, is set to  surrender himself to federal authorities no later than noon on May 26.