Tuesday, May 19

T.I. Jail Sentencing Clarified


Okay, let's set the record straight because there has been some confusion in the media on the amount of time, Atlanta-based rapper, T.I. will serve behind bars. It seems the media misread the sentence breakdown, according to spokesperson Charysse Alexander, when reports leaked Monday that T.I. will only face 2 months in prison.

Here's the break down...Clifford will indeed be given credit for his days on house arrest, which was mentioned in the Associated Press report, but that will not count towards his time served behind bars at Arkansas's Forrest City low-security federal prison-- Instead it will go towards his home confinement record, being that he still owes two more months once he gets out of prison.

If T.I. behaves civilized...and not like a bafoon, i.e Foxy Brown, while in the facility, he will more than likely get 15% of his days taken away from his sentence. Any prisoner sentenced to a year and a day (that DAY makes a big difference) is eligible to get 15% taken off--and that is nothing new. If we may, let's refer back to Lil' Kim's sentencing back in 2005 where the Queen Bee faced the same sentence, but only spend 9 months in behind bars, instead of 12.

So there you have it! Now since that is understood, let's understand that T.I. will be on probation for three years and must also pay a $100,000 fine as part of his sentence.